OneView Commerce Unveils Digital Store Platform that Optimizes Cross-Channel Retail Operations, Customer Engagement and Associate Efficiency

Posted by Laurie Palanza on Jan 13, 2015 5:15:00 AM
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Multi-directional data delivery, analytics, and common enterprise platform combine to deliver on a true cross-channel strategy

BOSTON and NEW YORK CITY—Jan. 13, 2015— OneView Commerce, the retail industry’s leader of digital transformation in the store, today announced its Digital Store Platform that digitizes the store to deliver a more satisfying, engaging shopping experience for customers and optimizes workforce efficiency. The defining power of the digital store platform is its ability to deliver multi-directional content to, from, and among online and physical stores. This flow of cross-channel transaction data enables continuous engagement across all experiences to improve operations, generate more sales, deliver better service and reduce returns. The company is demonstrating the platform and its advantages at the National Retail Federation show, January 11-13, in booth #1405.

“While e-commerce has grown rapidly over the last decade, the fact remains that 93 percent of retail transactions are still conducted in the store1, making the in-store shopping experience and the value of transaction data essential elements of true cross-channel success,” said Linda Palanza , COO at OneView Commerce. “There’s a tremendous opportunity to merge digital and physical marketplaces, drive traffic to the store with a highly personalized shopping experience, and share store transaction information across the entire retail ecosystem (manufacturers, suppliers and other supply-chain partners) to improve cross-channel operations.”

According to recent research by leading industry analysts such as Forrester Research, the digital store has come of age. Already familiar with the power of mobile technology to compare prices online and in the aisle, research shows that 70 percent of shoppers feel personal engagement with a brand is important to them, but yet only 19 percent feel associates are the best resource for information. OneView’s comprehensive Digital Store Platform capitalizes on this premise, providing digital tools and real-time data to make associates more knowledgeable with far less training, feeding them customer preferences for targeted selling, and enabling them to provide better service more efficiently.

Some of the many advantages OneView’s platform provides are:
Expedited customer checkout due to line-busting alerts sent to associates to ensure the right mix of lanes and service on the floor; optimized fitting room experience with mobile-equipped associates able to provide continuous, interactive fitting room service from entry through one-click checkout upon exit; improved associate efficiency and service with location-based alerts that send staff to help customers based on time spent in a product area or other defined needs; reduced e-commerce returns with real-time store fit and conversion product information applied to how a product is sold online; and continuous updates to digital displays based on sales, stock, or customer preferences powered by point of sale data.

The Digital Store Platform comprises out-of-the box templates for point of sale (POS), cross-channel, customer engagement, location services and content delivery, as well as plug-ins to third-party solutions for analytics, loyalty, workforce optimization, device control and more. It connects all functionalities with a common set of data and as new digital store capabilities emerge, modular components are easily and quickly replaced. In addition, the platform is mobile- and device-enabled (tablets, wearables, beacons, chip and pin, scanners, etc.) to untether associates and empower optimized interaction with the customer anywhere and anytime. 

1U.S. Census Bureau, Quarterly Retail E-Commerce Sales, 3rd Quarter 2014

About OneView Commerce
OneView Commerce delivers the first Digital Store Platform designed to enable the associate-led store transformations that define successful cross-channel strategy in today’s digital reality. OneView combines standard functions such as checkout, line busting and end-to-end cross-channel solutions, on a digitally enabled store platform that captures and delivers content from every channel to and from the critical interaction point in-store. Content is driven to the store to ensure associates are empowered to engage and expand customer interaction while maximizing the selling power of the in-person experience. Integration with commerce platform, analytics, device management, workforce optimization, digital content delivery, and more enables vital store information to be delivered back across the channels, the enterprise or a retailer’s expanded network of suppliers, partners or manufacturers to immediately shape sales, business operations and the customer experience. E-Plus Gruppe, Discount Tire Corporation, J.R. Simplot, and O’Reilly Auto Parts are among the global retailers revolutionizing their store operations with OneView., Twitter: @oneviewcommerce.



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