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Personalization Drives Promotion Success

Posted by Laurie Palanza on 05/08/2017
Laurie Palanza

To know your customers is to love them—or at least to be able to show them some love. As a retailer, the more you know about their shopping behaviors, the more effectively you can engage and reward them.

Powerful promotions that drive relevancy through the customer journey

Account-based marketing enables retailers who invest in cross-channel customer behavior tracking and analysis to create promotions that drive revenue, manage inventory and foster loyalty. This personalized approach generates extremely positive results.

From the aisle to the dressing room and from clicks to the cart, customer information across all channels has the power to drive personalized marketing efforts with information like:

  • Where does the customer spend their time online and in the store?
  • What product preferences do they indicate with clicks and purchases?
  • Which types of price promotions do they most frequently respond to with a purchase?
  • Which social media conversations lead them to your site and/or store and result in an uptick in sales?

This critical high-value information about behaviors, conversion statistics, and product/brand preferences enables retailers to create the right offer (i.e., discount or reward) at the right time for the right customer, to achieve pre-determined marketing objectives. There are many rewards that shoppers respond well to. Here are just a few:

  • Price off
  • Fixed Price
  • Bundles
  • Mix and match
  • Tier discount
  • Immediate discount
  • Next purchase discount coupon 

In order to take advantage of highly customized marketing opportunities, retailers need technology that supports a broad set of triggers and parameters such as product or merchandise groups, product attributes, retailer-defined promotion rules, start/end dates, and more. Templates are another important feature, as they save marketers time in creating promotions that will be offered time and again. These should include:

  • Total basket rewards
  • Configurable triggers and rewards
  • Thresholds and tiers
  • Define discount application across basket
  • Reduced price

The technology should also allow users to create promotions that incorporate flexibility in their rules. For example, you should be able to create a promotion that applies to specific items or categories, but can also exclude specific brands from special store sales. Other examples might include:

  • Offer any brand of a product for a fixed price
  • Offer rebates on specific product lines
  • Create retailer-defined bundles
  • Buy one, Get one
  • Define triggers
  • Identify reward (same, other items or categories)
  • Retailer-defined mix and match support

Combining these ‘must have’ capabilities into a flexible, easy-to-use interface supports numerous options to find the best promotions for each customer based on their channel of choice. A true cross-channel promotions engine leads to a significant reduction in time spent on promotion creation and maintenance.

OneView Promotions Engine meets the complex needs of today's unified commerce strategies and works seamlessly with OneView Digital Store Platform or any other enterprise point of sale system.


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