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Enterprise Architect’s Guide to Navigating the Experience Economy

To survive continuous disruption, retailers know they have little choice but to embrace change on the path to disrupt, differentiate and delight.  With no ready-made, off-the-shelf formula for success, navigating the journey is difficult. Calling on insights from leading enterprise architects, we've compiled a 30-page report of knowledge and practical steps that can accelerate your unique transformation journey. Subscribe below to receive the fast-read, power-packed topic tracks into your inbox as published.  

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‬‬‬‬‬How Headless RaaS Makes Technology a Competitive Strategy for Retailers‬‬‬‬‬

Are you tired of being constrained by inflexible legacy systems?  Is your team ready to be in control of your experiences and destiny?  Breaking on the scene to enable all commerce engagement, a headless Retail-as-a-Service platform is the first offering with the ability to handle complex store operations and high-volume transaction processing.  These capabilities make it the platform of choice for retail leaders who want to be in control to build compelling and relevant experiences — fast.

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