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Personalization Drives Promotion Success

To know your customers is to love them—or at least to be able to show them some love. As a retailer, the more you know about their shopping behaviors, the more effectively you can engage and reward them.


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Digital System: A Win-Win for Retailers and Customers

The key to unified commerce is a digital system, and it offers retailers and customers the best of both worlds: an exceptional shopping experience that drives increased revenue and productivity.

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Millennial Shopper's Tips for a Unified Commerce Experience


As the fastest growing segment of shoppers, Millennial expectations about omnichannel shopping are a force to be reckoned with. In Part I of this special Millennial blog report, our secret omnichannel shoppers recorded their firsthand buy online/pick up in store experiences with several large U.S. retailers. 

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Is Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset Running at Peak Performance?

It’s surprising that retailers and consumers view personalization quite differently. The vast majority of shoppers—88%—claim that the more personalized an experience is (mobile, online and in-store), the more likely they are to shop at that retailer again. So those 24% of retailers who don’t believe personalization is worth the effort might want to reconsider, or be left in the dust as competitors undermine their brand loyalty.

Now that the value of personalization has been firmly established, how does the omnichannel retailer make it happen? There is no greater opportunity to personalize a shopping experience than in the store, where more than 90% of all retail transactions are still conducted. Face-to-face interactions with associates have the power to fully engage shoppers, create a meaningful relationship, and deepen loyalty. No doubt your hiring criteria have placed charming, enthusiastic personnel in your stores who are able to generate small talk and convert sales based upon experience —a good start, but just the first step.

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