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Q & A: Headless Retail-as-a-Service and Digital Transformation

Headless retail-as-a-service is a relatively new architecture that has already demonstrated to be effective for retailers who are reshaping their business with agility, innovation, and speed to market. Yet because its use is largely by retail innovators and leaders, we thought we’d shed some light on the questions we are most often asked about this platform.   

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Triple Threat: Real Time Inventory, Friction, and Loyalty

Frictionless customer experience is a pillar of the "new" retail. But are retailers letting inaccurate inventory data become a realized threat to engagement, convenience, and efficiency in the journey?

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Unified Commerce: A Tale of Two Experiences

The choice to be relevant is likely one of the most crucial decisions a retailer is making today. Are they doing it with enough speed and purpose to do justice to their brand?

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Are your retail promotions coming up short? 

How important is it that retailers get promotions right? It’s critical. First, successful marketing programs are gateways to revenue growth. Secondly, 70 percent of shoppers who receive personalized offers are more likely to become return customers.

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